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How to create an Online Course - Part 1
Are you a Subject Matter Expert, perhaps in fitness, a sport, your career or a passionate hobby. If ..
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Why we recommend Opencart for eCommerce
Zarex is a leading provider of eCommerce and Search Engine Marketing in New Zealand and we recommend..
Why Integration is KEY to future eCommerce
 In the second quarter of this year, Amazon’s North America sales grew 28 percent year over yea..
5 tips to improve a poorly performing website

Is your website delivering enough leads and sales? think  you can improve it? read on...

FB Pixel, Tag Manager, Analytics.....  understanding the new digital world
In the last few years a lot of small businesses are seeing diminishing returns on their website investments....
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Big data - small data ...   its for big techies right???
That probably depends on whether you know exactly who are your most profitable potential clients.....  and what is the mos cost effective way to attract and retain them...  
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FIVE EASY TO IMPLEMENT eCommerce website personalisation and conversion tips
Customers increasingly have less time to spend buying from you and will respect anyone site/retailer..
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Importance of website personalisation to results $$
How personalised do customers find your website experience, and why is it increasingly important to ..
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Sales Pipeline Management 101 - how to sell more in a digital age

Do you sell a product or service, do you manage and measure your pipeline the same way as you did ten years ago.....  including the digital bits?

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How much does it cost to develop an iOS App

Many businesses and entrepreneurs see the value of having an iPhone app, the problem can be working out the true cost to build one...

How to set up an eCommerce website store - 5 Top Tips

Building your first ecommerce site? here are 5 'how to' tips to get you started from the experts.

Why is loyalty so important and how do I improve it?

How a businesses measures customer loyalty used to be measured by 'customer satisfaction surveys' or 'average lifetime value' - tell that to a taxi driver who has to compete with Uber, or a traditional motel wondering what to do about 'AirBnB'...... 

Retail NZ Expo Update  - CEO of the US National Retail Federation highlights global spending shifts
Customers have changed since the recession and retailers have to keep up with them, the CEO of the U..
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Why  will 2016 be the year loyalty cards go virtual?
If you hate carting around a wallet bulging with half stamped coffee cards, store cards, credit card..
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Why small retailers need an Loyalty App

Most of us have an omni-channel presence covering the web, social media and search engines. But things are shifting, as research shows lots of our prospects are starting to prefer the power of apps.

How bricks and mortar retails can leverage technology in 2016
2015 was another fast paced year for retail. Online shopping continues to dominate the thoughts (and..
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Why a blog is important for eCommerce growth - 5 key benefits

A shopping cart, or ecommerce website can be far more powerful for revenue, profits and your brand than most people realise.It can be place for you connect with, or build customer communities online.

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Why Analytics is mandatory for ecommerce and website success

Winning traffic to a website or shopping cart is getting costly. Google is Monetising more and more of the first results page, facebook is also looking for return for its investors via paid adverts....   and so we need to get smarter about how we spend our money and how we convert and monetise traffic.

Thanks to Network Pro for a Great Joint Google Analytics Workshop
Awesome to partner with Network Pro at their offices to provide local businesses with an introductio..
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Read about our Internet of Things Development in the News.....

Press Release for new Internet of Things Platform development

Locally owned Digital Marketing and Development Agency Zarex Limited announced today that it is investing in the development of a local platform to power one of the worlds FASTEST GROWING TECHNOLOGY SEGMENTS - the INTERNET OF THINGS.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is widely expected to be one of the largest sectors of the global economy. In June 2015 McKinsey predicted the value of the market could reach as much as *$11 Trillion per year in 2025*, a significant portion of the total global economy.

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How Micromoments doubled sales for a LOreal campaign
Understanding how people use the internet during a purchase is increasing important to planning how ..
Local online SEO and search opportunities in the East Coast Bays on Aucklands North Shore

Local search is becoming crucial for all Auckland businesses.

Your customers are spending more time online and the old way of finding a business in phone book are dead.

Your potential customers need to be able to find and research your business online before making contact. You need a strategy to connect with them there....    here are five steps for successful local digital marketing for business n Aucklands North Shore. From Takapuna to Devonport and Long Bay !

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Why Local Google Search Strategy is Vital for Small Businesses on Aucklands North Shore

Local small businesses on Aucklands North Shore, from Albany to Takapuna and Devonport have a fantastic opportunity to grow, as people use their mobile smartphones to find local shops, stores and service providers right when they need to solve a problem. We are writing a series on how to get yourself found online - and with ideas for lead generation...

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Why local SEO and website landing page development is crucial for sales lead generation

How many sales leads does your website deliver?

We get  a handful of new contacts each  week... some visitors are simply educating themselves on a specific subject and want some advice, some are creating a short list of potential suppliers and some have a urgent problem to fix. 

All are welcome - and we are grateful you visited...  The problem is that everyone needs different content.. :)

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Four Key Changes in Website Development affecting Small Businesses in Auckland
If you don't know how to code a website, or what shelf to find a 'box of Google Analytics' don't despair...  read this helpful blog which will give you some great tips about what your website developers should be doing to make sure you are growing!
More about Micromoments - how are we keeping up with the online demands of customers

A link to a Google report card on how some leading brands are addressing the the cu=onsumer 'moments that matter'—the I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I want-to-do, and I want-to-buy moments...

Why online content marketing is CRITICAL to business surival

Where do people learn things today? Where do people get ideas to do and buy new things? where do they go for answers to their questions? Why should your business care? If the answer isnt 'your website', maybe it is that of your competitor?

Three key tips to increase your website conversion rate, and an explanation of why it is so important to online success.

wordpress adds 40,000 websites a day

Wordpress powers nearly a quarter of all websites..Zarex offers full design, development, hosting and support.,,


Responsive design is crucial to any business website, it affects search engine rankings, traffic, user experience and even your brand...


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