Membership Apps

We offer a host of powerful functionality for membership organisations to communicate more effectivey with their members, increase their renewals and membership engagement and much more.

Our powerful features set includes:

  • Push notifications for events, renewals and more
  • In-app messaging between members and administration
  • Geofencing alerts, to push notifications to members in a defined radius
  • Membership news, offers, website links and social media feeds in your app
  • Memberships documentation and information
  • And much much more.

We offer ‘off the shelf’ app modules, adapted to your requirements. Or can custom develop an app just for you.

Feature List

We can add your branding to our App and you can choose functionality from the features listed below, plus we can deploy new functionality or integrate your app with your other systems and web or eCommerce site.

+ Send Free Push Notifications Messages to all your customers

Simply log into your own admin screen and send immediate or scheduled messages to your customers.

Whether it is a special offer to move some excess stock or notification of a change to an event it will pop up on the notification screens of the smartphones of your app users.

+ Accept Booking Requests, Orders and Reservations

Imagine if your customers had an app where they could directly send you a booking request for a haircut, order a coffee or reserve a room.

You are able to receive notification of requests, and log into your admin screen to review them and respond, right to the email or app of your customer.

If you already have an ordering or reservation system - no problem. We can integrate it into your app for you.

+ Manage and add Loyalty Points
Do you hate paper loyalty schemes as much as your customers? Well dont worry - with our app your customers can manage their loyalty scheme on their phone. Whether its using one of our standard modules for QR code scanning of points, secret codes or more advanced integration with POS - we can help!
+ Encourage Customer Reviews
Contact us to learn more and see a demo...
+ Social media
Contact us to learn more and see a demo...
+ Online Ordering Integration
Contact us to learn more and see a demo...
+ Service list and menu
With  our app you can make your product information available on your customers phone, they can browse and read about your products, send and enquiry or a reservation. If you like we can either integrate with your eCommerce/ ordering system or build you your own.
+ Customisation and integration.
If the features listed are not enough for you please ask - we are a development company and will be pleased to discuss your specific needs.
+ Login with Facebook
Make life easy for your customers - let save them time and let them login directly from their facebook
+ Geofencing (geographical notifications)
Make sure you target the right people with your offers, or updates. Send scheduled or immediate updates to your app users based on their distance from a location...  an event, stadium, classroom of store
+ In App Payments
Let your users choose and pay for their items from their phone. From online food ordering to store click an collect - this feature has you covered

+ Blog and news updates
Why write twice - simply push blog updates straight to your users apps

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