SEO + Promotion

We get you on Googles first page 

We get more of the right people to your website by maximising your visibility on search engines, local online media and social media. 

We can deliver SEO, coupled with remarketing and Adwords campaigns – to optimise your online marketing and maximise your results.

Massive increase in website traffic

“We  grew traffic for a furniture store from 300 visitors a day to 600. In just three months.”

We use powerful software to research who is looking for your product and where, and the current search ranking of your website. Including

  • How many local people are searching for your product or service.
  • Where do you rank against your competitors now
  • What you need to do to move up the rankings.

Continual improvement

Whether we just need to rewrite some content or to rebuild your site - we will ensure that your website gets ever increasing traffic from Google, using ‘white hat’ techniques’. For example.

  • Advice to optimise the content and structure of your website
  • Restructure the code to make the website faster and easier to scan
  • Reorganise the architecture and content to make the site faster and responsive
  • Finding and optimising for more keywords

“Our brand new website went from unlisted to ninth overall on Google for one of most competitive niche keywords in New Zealand, “Real Estate Auckland."  “

We create effective adverts

We work with you to develop fantastic, targetted adverts and associated landing pages so that when you appear in search your prospects click on you first – and when they get to your page they engage and act so you sell more.

Our analysis and conversion service makes sure the new traffic you get, converts to sales leads and sales.

SEO and online Marketing

You can measure the results

We agree and track specific business objectives with you for the performance of your SEO and Adwords

  • How many visitors you got for each keyword, and how long they stay
  • How many visitors took specific actions such as signing up for a newsletter, submitting a form or buying a product
  • The ROI and profitability of each campaign or keyword

You get regular feedback

We send an automated weekly report with your KPI reports and other data. We work with you to identify how to improve performance against your objectives. For example:

  • Which online activities are producting the best sales or leads
  • Which pages are the most visited and which are the least 
  • Where to implement A/B page testing to calculate the impact of recommended changes.
"The future of SEO is here: understanding and marketing to specific and defined audiences through search engines." ~ Adam Audette, Chief Knowledge Officer, RKG

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