opencart is one of the most successful ecommerce software solutions in the world powering websites of small, medium and large businesses globally.

the latest version released late in 2014 is fully responsive and one of the most comprehensive packages for any onlone shop.

zarex are experts in Opencart, responsive design and SEO for ecommerce.

Why we recommend Opencart for eCommerce
Zarex is a leading provider of eCommerce and Search Engine Marketing in New Zealand and we recommend..
Why Integration is KEY to future eCommerce
 In the second quarter of this year, Amazon’s North America sales grew 28 percent year over yea..
FB Pixel, Tag Manager, Analytics.....  understanding the new digital world
In the last few years a lot of small businesses are seeing diminishing returns on their website investments....
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FIVE EASY TO IMPLEMENT eCommerce website personalisation and conversion tips
Customers increasingly have less time to spend buying from you and will respect anyone site/retailer..
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Importance of website personalisation to results $$
How personalised do customers find your website experience, and why is it increasingly important to ..
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Why Analytics is mandatory for ecommerce and website success

Winning traffic to a website or shopping cart is getting costly. Google is Monetising more and more of the first results page, facebook is also looking for return for its investors via paid adverts....   and so we need to get smarter about how we spend our money and how we convert and monetise traffic.

Adapt to Micromoments - or give away another $$ revenue opportunities
80% of your customers are browsing your website differently to before. Google calls the new way 'micromoments'. Optimise your website to meet the needs of your potential customers and benefit $$ from the opportunity.
PetDoorsRUs new Shopping Site goes live

PetdoorsRUs is investing a lot of time in making sure their customers get the best experience and advice when they choose and install their new pet door. Their new website is optimised to browsing on any device and has tons of helpful information in a variety of formats!

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